Saturday, June 30, 2012

Now, It's All About The Connection.....Ummmm....Always Has Been!!!

40 years in this business and, of course, I've witnessed lots of changes. I'd say some of the biggest coming in this decade, so far, with the addition of PPM Ratings, social media and the ever-increasing world of technology. With PPM, programming philosophies and promotional plans have changed in some cases. With several years of the new ratings system under our belt, we are beginning to see what may breed success in such an arbitrary situation. All I've been hearing is that the connection to the listener is crucial, as if this were some new found method. Folks,connection to the listener has been the main reason for any radio station's success since the first signal was detected!! Think of some of the legendary personalities - Wolfman Jack, John Landecker, The Real Don Steele just to name several. They all had that connection and they all did it in short spurts. I grew up listening to two amazing top 40 radio stations - WFIL in Philadelphia and WABC in New York. I would put any of those personalities in a PPM a diary world...heck, in a world where you etched your favotite on a stone tablet. No matter what the measurement, these stations would win. They connected. I don't think I ever heard George Michael or Cousin Brucie talk for more than 20 seconds any time but they connected. They knew what to say, how to say it and when to say it. They spoke the language of the listener. So what's changed????? NOTHING!! I suggest you find a way to listen to some of these legends (WFIL archives can be found at You'll hear what I'm talking about. The connection has ALWAYS been there!

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