Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Believe, Part 2!!!!!

This is a quick addendum to my last blog. Of course, we were excited the entire weekend about our daughter's spelling bee win but, lo and behold, we found out yesterday, it wasn't to be!!!! Yes, that's what I said. Seems that one of the classes (8th graders) were, inadvertently, omitted from receiving a word study sheet. Some of their parents complained about the lack of fairness and so our girl had to be informed yesterday that had not YET won, all of a sudden. She was to face the winner of the 8th grade spelling bee - she being of 7th grade stock.
The rug pulled out from under her, she got the tears out of her system early yesterday afternoon and went right back to work studying those spelling words. She knew there may have been something unfair about all of this but she rose above the issue and went to work for the face-off which was to occur this morning.
The kicker was how she ended her bedtime prayer last night asking God to do well. She NEVER prayed to win.
Fast forward to today and the call came again - She WON again!!!! She had to face a pretty decent friend to do but she did it graciously and confidently. She, not only, believed, but she showed all of us that the spirit of the competition was most important to her. Winning or losing was not the issue for her as much as a good performance.....and that it was!!!

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JoEtta said...

I love stories like these! Such proud moments for you all with her winning and all but best yet knowing the confidence she has of herself to accomplish what she sets out to. Way to Go and good luck to her at the regional level.